Native Plants

Azalea, Bald Cypress, Beautyberry, Blackeyed Susan, Darowii Blueberry, Conradina, Coontie, Dune Sunflower, Fakahatchee Grass (regular & dwarf), Fetterbush, Firebush, Gaillardia, Guara, Dahoon Holly, Yaupon Holly, Gallberry, Honeysuckle, Oakleaf Hydrangea, Liatris (blazing star), Love Grass (purple & elliots), Sweet Bay Magnolia, Florida Flame Maple, Mimosa groundcover, Muhley Grass, Saw Palmetto (green & silver), Porterweed, Red Bud, River Birch, Rusty Lyonia, Sand Cord Grass (Bakerii & Patens), Sea Oats, St. Johns Wort, Stokes Aster, Wax Myrtle (regular & dwarf)



Southern Charm, Formosa Lavender, Formosa Red, Red Ruffle, Taber, Fashion, G.G. Gerbing, Native



Anise, Boxwood, Burford Holly, Cleyera, Indian Hawthorn, Dwarf Yaupon Holly, Upright Yaupon Holly, Needlepoint Holly, Limelight Hydrangea, Oakleaf Hydrangea, Penny Mac Hydrangea, Nikko Blue Hydrangea, Jack Frost Ligustrum, Wax Leaf Ligustrum, Plum Loropetalum, Nandina, Oleander (dwarf & regular), Wheelers Dwarf Pittosporum, Variegated Pittosporum, regular green Pittosporum, Pineapple Guava, Podocarpus, Pringles Dwarf Podocarpus, Texas Sage, Sweet Viburnum, Suspensum Viburnum, Reiflers Viburnum, Walters Viburnum, Wax Myrtle, Dons Dwarf Wax Myrtle



Bald Cypress, Bottlebrush, Cleveland Select Bradford Pear, Camellia, Crape Myrtle, Leland Cypress, Fringe Tree, Dahoon Holly, East Palatka Holly, Nelly Stevens Holly, Weeping Yaupon, Italian Cypress, Torulosa Juniper, Tree Form Ligustrum, Live Oak, Sand Live Oak, Little Gem Magnolia, Brackens Brown Beauty Magnolia, D.D. Blanchard Magnolia, Sweet Bay Magnolia, Florida Flame Red Maple, Slash Pine, Red Bud, River Birch, Japanese Maple, and we get Citrus trees in the Spring



Bottle Palm, Chinese Fan Palm, Coontie, European Fan Palm, Lady Palm, Pindo Palm, Pygmy Date Palm, Ribbon Palm, Sago, Saw Palmetto, Sylvester Date Palm



Aztec, Fakahatchee, Flax Lily, Red Fountain, Super Blue Liriope, Dwarf Mondo, Purple Love, Elliotts Love, Adagio Maiden, Muhley, Pampas, Bakerii Sandcord



Agapanthus, Blackeyed Susan, Blue Daze, Bulbine, Bush Daisy, Butterfly Bush, Daylily, Dune Sunflower, Firecracker Plant, Knock Out Rose, Knock Out Drift Rose, Mexican Heather, White & Yellow African Iris, Plumbago, Society Garlic


Ground Cover

Creeping Fig, Dune Sunflower, Ferns, Asiatic Jasmine, Blue Pacific Juniper, Nana Juniper, Parsonii Juniper, Lantana, Sunshine Mimosa, Perennial Peanut, Blue Porterweed, Purple Queen Wandering Jew


We also carry pinestraw and fertilizer.

This is just a partial list – call or come see us.